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You’re here because you want to look for Pasco County arrest records. You may want to know what someone went to jail for or find out if someone got arrested. Either way, I will show you how to find arrest records in Pasco County Florida for free online. You will be able to view people’s mugshots, what their charges are, when they got arrested, if they are still in police custody and more.

Pasco Sheriff Arrest Inquiry

  • Search for people recently arrested in Pasco County by name, booking number, booking date, release date, arrest status and more. You can see their booking photo, date of birth, if they have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, arrest report number, where the person was born and more. Searching this inmate database makes it easy to see if someone is still in jail or if they have been released.

Dade City Police Department Alerts

  • View police department alerts of crime or other information you need to know.

Florida DOC Inmate Search

  • Search the Florida DOC to find people who are currently in prison in Florida. You can search their charges such as rape, burglary, murder, theft, drug crimes etc.

Using the resources above you will be able to see who’s in jail in Pasco County Florida. You will know why they went to jail and when they are expected to be released. You can view the jail logs to see who else is in jail or look for someone you know that just got locked up. You will be able to view recent arrests in Pasco County and people who have been in jail for awhile. Either way, you will be able to see who is currently in police custody and why they are incarcerated. You can also lookup Federal Inmates nationwide too.