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Are you searching for an inmate in Sacramento County, California? Do you need to find out if someone has been arrested? What about a check for a DUI? Did your friend have an incident with the police? Did your relative get arrested and go to jail? Maybe you just don’t know the circumstances behind the arrest. You would like to know more details surrounding what happened.

You may have questions about police reports in Sacramento County, California. You might have friends, loved ones or neighbors who are in trouble. You might need more information about their whereabouts. You might have been the victim of a crime. You might want to make sure the perpetrator is behind bars.

You might want to find out if someone has a warrant. That information could be relevant to your current situation. You could be dating someone new. You could be moving into a new house with new neighbors you’ve never met before. You might want to find out if someone is a registered sex offender. Sex offenders are required by law to register in Sacramento County, California.

Maybe you are just curious about the question, “do I have a warrant for my own arrest?” You may have been in trouble with the law before. You might need to look up court records or the court docket to see if you have a scheduled appearance on tap. Court cases are online and easily accessible.

From a misdemeanor to a felony, crimes come in all packages. Court records are readily available online these days. They include your ability to look at mugshots. Did you know you can even do a jail inmate search? Maybe your loved one or friend didn’t make it home the previous night. Maybe you were worried they wouldn’t be able to drive because they were too intoxicated. Did they get a DUI? Did they crash into another vehicle? Are they currently in jail? Did they try to reach out to someone unsuccessfully?

Many of us have at least one bad experience with the law. We might also have loved ones or friends who get in trouble from time to time. How do you help them in their time of need?

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department has records and warrants available online here. The Most Wanted List in Sacramento County, California are in this portal.

You can also search by name for inmates housed in the correctional facilities in Sacramento here. This allows you to see people who are currently in jail.

Sex offenders in Sacramento County can also be browsed by using this search tool provided by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. You might have a very specific reason to browse this section. A neighbor may prompt red flags. Maybe you just want to check an area you are moving to.

You can select court cases to view using the criminal court records here. Finally, the Sacramento County Crime Stoppers page is located here in case you have any information involving an unsolved crime.

There are an abundant amount of resources available for Sacramento County, California. You can check these websites to make sure your individual questions are answered in a timely fashion.