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You’re here because you want to look for warrants in San Diego. You want to see if you have a warrant for your arrest or if someone you know is wanted by the police. Either way, I will show you how you can find out if you’re wanted or someone you know is wanted. You will be able to look up warrants by name, warrant number, search felony warrants, misdemeanor warrants, child support warrants and more.

Warrant Search by Name

  • Misuse of warrant information may subject you to Civil or criminal liability. Most Warrants issued by the San Diego County Superior Court are available here online. Do not attempt to make an arrest based on this warrant information. Only peace officers can arrest a person for an outstanding warrant of arrest. Search by name and the person’s birthday.

San Diego Sheriff’s Most Wanted

  • View mugshots and booking photos of people who are the most wanted in San Diego. You can look at the person’s charges, details about their case and more.

Warrant Information

  • The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department maintains an Online Warrant Information database. You can check to see if you or someone else has an active arrest warrant issued out of any San Diego Superior Court. Only adult, criminal defendant warrants are listed in this database. The information provided may be up to 24 hours old at any given time. Also, information about how to clear a warrant is available too.

Superior Court of California San Diego County Warrants

A warrant may be issued if you fail to:

  • Appear at a court hearing
  • Comply with a court order such as failure to complete:
  • Treatment programs
  • Volunteer work
  • Custody
  • Community service

Failure to comply with court orders may result in:

  • Mandatory court appearance
  • Additional charges being filed by the Prosecutor
  • A hold being placed on driver’s licenses with the D.M.V.
  • Arrest

Using the above resources you will be able to conduct a warrant search in San Diego County California. You will find out if someone is wanted or if a person is on the run from the law. You can see the person’s photo, why they are wanted by the police and when the warrant was issued.