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Jail Roster and Inmate Lookup in Whatcom County Washington:

In the interest of public safety, the Whatcom County sheriff’s office has made a large amount of information about detained inmates freely available, and it is easily searchable by any curious citizen with internet access. The information found in the Whatcom County database is a matter of public record, but not everyone is aware that they have these tools available to them.

What kind of inmate information can I look up on the internet?

The law enforcement officials of Whatcom county have made it easy to find all sorts of information about the goings-on in the county’s correctional facilities. If you seek a jail roster press release or jail roster bookings, this database has got you covered. You can view mugshots online, as well as view someone’s charges and see who is in police custody for various felony and misdemeanor offenses. An inmate search will bring up a full list of current inmates, regardless of whether they were arrested last night or arrested last week. Anyone who has been in Whatcom county police custody at any point in the past 24 hours can be found in the public database.

Why is it important to make this information available to the public?

It’s easy to imagine a wide variety of scenarios that could benefit from the information available in the Whatcom county database. No matter why you need to see who’s in jail, you have access to a list of all recent arrests and jail releases. If you are concerned that you may have an arrest warrant, you can check to ease your mind. If you have been the victim of a crime, you can make sure the criminal has been apprehended. It can be useful to find out if someone went to jail, as inmates can be accused of a wide variety of crimes, ranging from DUI and drug charges, all the way up to serious felony offenses like burglary and armed robbery.

Does this information have any practical uses for the average person?

Law enforcement officials can benefit from the administrative advantage of having readily accessible information about their inmates at their fingertips. Officers can conduct a jail roster search by name, or search the jail roster by date to ensure that all of the inmates are accounted for. You may need to know when someone was booked into jail, or when someone is getting out of jail. All of these features and more can be accessed freely by everyday citizens, courtesy of Whatcom county law enforcement. This database can serve a utilitarian purpose for law officers at work, it can provide peace of mind to concerned citizens, and it can satisfy the curiosity of the everyday internet user.