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Caller ID is a helpful feature that most smartphones have. After all, what’s worse than getting a call from someone you don’t know? However, you’re still bound to get a few calls from restricted numbers. If you find yourself asking, “who keeps calling me from a restricted number?” you will want to keep reading. Below, we’ll talk about how to identify a restricted number the next time someone tries calling your number.

What’s a Restricted Number?

A restricted number is a type of phone number that doesn’t show up on Caller ID. However, depending on what kind of phone service you have, it may show up as restricted, private, or anonymous, as well. Here are a few methods a caller can appear as restricted on a person’s Caller ID.

The first method works by dialing *67 before entering in the phone number when placing a call. This symbol and number combo will prevent your number from actually showing up on a person’s Caller ID. However, this won’t work on 911 or toll-free numbers.

The second method works by setting up a permanent Caller ID blocking feature. However, this usually depends on your phone service provider’s company policies. When you have permanent Caller ID blocking active, your name will remain restricted until you otherwise change it. But, you can turn the feature off if you dial *82 before placing a call.

Where Do Restricted Numbers Usually Come From?

Although virtually anyone can call from a restricted phone number, below are a few answers to the common question, “who called me restricted?”. Some frequent offenders include:

– Scammers
– Telemarketers
– Pranksters
– Debt collectors
– Stalkers

How to Find Out Who’s Calling You From a Restricted Number

If you get a call from a restricted number, you can take a few steps to figure out who tried to reach you:

1. Use a Specialized App or Service

Often enough, you can simply use an app or service to identify a restricted number. One helpful service that we can highly recommend is TrapCall. Once you get an unknown number trying to call you, decline the call, and TrapCall will uncover the hidden number to allow you to try calling them back. However, TrapCall also comes with other handy features, such as call recording and the ability to block restricted numbers.
Another service we suggest is Reverse Phone Lookup. Once you uncover a restricted number, enter the phone digits to reveal information on the owner of the account. However, it also includes other identifying information, such as:

– Photographs
– Current job position
Email address
– Facebook/Linkedin profile

2. Get the Police Involved

If the calls you are receiving from the unknown number reach the point of criminal activity, it might be time to involve the police. You should contact law enforcement if the calls are coming from somebody that you have a restraining order against or if non-stop calls constitute harassment in your area. On the other hand, you will find it difficult to get help from the police if the calls are not associated with a crime.
First, you will need to use Call Trace. Press *57 or 1157 on a rotary phone and follow the instructions as they are given. Call Trace will not provide you with the phone number but it will allow your phone company to view the number and occasionally the name and address of the unknown caller. You will need to contact your service provider to learn about your next steps. From there, you can involve law enforcement officials to determine where to go from there.

How To Block a Restricted Number

A lot of paid restricted call unmasking services offer you the opportunity to block calls from all restricted numbers. Some cellular service providers also offer similar services. However, the specifics of the program and the cost will depend on your service provider. For example, Verizon Wireless offers the Family Base program which blocks all calls from unknown numbers and costs only a few extra dollars per month.