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Background checks in the state of Arkansas are available through the Arkansas Online Criminal Background Check System that is maintained by the state police. State laws allow for criminal and background checks under certain circumstances.

Limitations on Arkansas Background Checks

Background check laws in the state of Arkansas limit the purposes for which records can be obtained.

  • Potential parents and household members who wish to adopt children
  • Child welfare agencies
  • Volunteers who have unsupervised, direct contact with children
  • Potential and current employees who hold positions in the financial and information technology fields
  • State employment for those who work with children, elderly, developmentally disabled and mentally ill individuals

Some limitations do apply to these definitions.

Who Can Request Background Checks in Arkansas?

Background checks are limited by law to individuals and entities who have written consent from the individual whose background check is being requested.

National and Federal Bureau of Investigation record checks are limited to individuals and entities who have expressed authorization to access these records.

How to Request a Background Check in Arkansas

Background checks can be accessed through the online portal maintained by the Arkansas Police at

If you do not have an account for the online portal, there is a background check cost for each type of request. Fees are based on the type of search, such as:

  • Name based background check
  • Name based background check for volunteers
  • National/FBI fingerprint check
  • National/FBI fingerprint background check for volunteers

Using Information Obtained through Arkansas Background Checks

The state of Arkansas expressly prohibits certain types of activities based on the information contained in a background check, including any criminal history of the individual. Any individual or non-criminal organization that receives the information cannot use it for any purpose other than what is described in the request. Individuals or organizations that misuse information in the background check are subject to a Class A misdemeanor offense.

Information on Background Check Records

A background check on an individual in the state of Arkansas may contain:

  • Arrests
  • Felony and misdemeanor charges
  • Convictions

Court Case Searches

Some public records are available for court cases in the state of Arkansas. You can access the state’s judiciary branch at

CourtConnect System

To find a court case in the CourtConnect System, you can search by:

  • Name of individual or buisness
  • Case type
  • Judgments against a business or individual
  • Case information and activities
  • Date range search for cases and dockets

A search that is performed by your name may indicate if you’ve been arrested and if you’ve been sentenced to jail time.

Sex Offender Registry

The sex offender registry in the state of Arkansas provides public records for individuals that have been convicted of a sex-related crime and required to register. The registry for sex offenders in Arkansas is on the internet at

The registry provides information about the laws that require the registry as well as a disclaimer about the information being provided. You can search by:

  • Offender’s first and/or last name
  • Address, to include street address, city, zip code and county

The results show the offenders name, mugshot, and a summary of the rap sheet.

Department of Corrections Inmate Search

If you’ve been to jail, information about your time served is available on the Arkansas Department of Corrections Inmate Search website at

Gun Background Check

Federal law requires that dealers of firearms perform background checks on individuals who wish to purchase guns, except for individuals who currently carry a state firearms permit.

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go?

Typically a background check on an individual goes back seven years, but this may vary.

What is Not Included in the Arkansas Background Check?

Some information that may not be included in a state background check is: