You’re here because you want to search for Broward County criminal records. You may want to find out if someone is a felon, see if someone got a DUI or find out what a person went to jail for. Regardless of the reason, I will show you how to check criminal records in Broward County Florida. When you do a Florida criminal record check you can find out if someone is a sex offender, what a person has been convicted of, view mugshots of the person if they have been arrested and more.

Broward County Case Search

  • Search for public court cases in Broward County Florida. You can search for cases by name, business name, case number and or citation number. This public court case access will allow you to search and find court records in Broward County.

Broward County Records Search

  • Search for online records to view a comprehensive listing of documents recorded in the Official Records of Broward County, Florida between January 1, 1978 and the present.

Broward County Arrest Search

  • See who’s been arrested in Broward County, view mugshots of inmates, charges and more.

Broward County Sex Offenders

  • Search for sex offenders in your area.

Fort Lauderdale Police Department Most Wanted

  • View the FLPD’s most wanted fugitives. View photos of the criminals and see what they are wanted for.

Fort Lauderdale Police Records

  • The Records Unit is responsible for maintaining and distributing offense reports, supplemental reports, accident reports (vehicular and marine), arrest reports, miscellaneous incident reports and tow slips in accordance with Florida State Statute (FSS) 119.

Florida DOC Absconders

  • Information and photographs are featured below for a select group of offenders who have ceased to make themselves available for supervision.

With the resources above you will be able to find criminal records in Broward County Florida. You can see who the most wanted criminals are in your area, find out if someone is locked up, see what someone is in police custody for and check for sexual predators in Broward County. You can search for criminal cases by name, view booking photos and police logs and more.