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Is there a way for you to find out if someone went to jail in Clackamas County? Maybe you just want to look at mugshots online and a list of current inmates. You could possibly want to view someone’s charges who was in police custody as of the last 24 hours. Maybe you are concerned if you have an arrest warrant in Oregon.

The great news is most of the information you are seeking is available online in Clackamas County. The Clackamas County Sheriff jail roster includes a wealth of information. You can perform an inmate search. This will include recent arrests of individuals within the county. You can search for recently arrested individuals by names or booking numbers. You can see the exact date when someone was booked into jail. You can see if they were arrested last night. You can view if they were arrested last week.

The jail roster also includes a list of charges for each individual who is being detained. Was it a felony? Was it a misdemeanor? Did someone get a DUI in the past 24 hours? Is there a chance someone you know was pulled over for drinking and driving?

Does the current inmate list include people who have been arrested on drug charges? Which drugs were on their body? Is there an arrest warrant for someone suspected of a burglary? What about a possible armed robbery? The booking photos also allow you to see if the person you are curious about is currently incarcerated. Maybe you need to see who’s in jail at the moment. Maybe you are browsing because you want to see when someone is getting out of jail. What is their individual release date? That information is also generally available to the general public using the website above.

You could have many reasons to check for various information regarding criminal arrests in Clackamas County. The information you seek could be for yourself. You might have a friend or relative who is in trouble with the local law enforcement agency. You might need to post bail. You would need to be there for a scheduled release date. You may just be curious about individual offenders in your neighborhood. Could you have a major perpetrator living close to you? You might just want to familiarize yourself with mugshots or photos of the criminals you see online. It’s always better to be safe about your surroundings.

The important thing is you can now browse criminal records from Clackamas County privately from the safety of your own home. This could give you the information you are seeking and also provide you some peace of mind.