You’re looking to search for criminal records in Clark County Nevada. You may want to find out if someone has been arrested, check a criminal court case or find out if one of your friends went to jail. Either way, I will show you how you can look up Clark County criminal records online in a matter of a few minutes. You can check for warrants in Clark County, do an inmate search, find out if someone got a DUI or if someone got a felony.

Las Vegas Township Justice Court Records Inquiry

  • Las Vegas Justice Court Civil and Criminal Cases are available on this site. Traffic citations will be updated within 3-4 weeks from the hearing date. Please call 702-671-3444 to make Traffic Payments and 702-671-3201 to make Criminal Payments. Sealed cases, protective orders and certain information that is exempt from disclosure will NOT appear on this web site. Please visit the court where the case was initiated for more information.

Clark County Inmate Search

  • See who’s in jail in Clark County NV. Search by name, ID number or JC Case number to see who’s locked up in Clark County Nevada. You will see why someone was arrested, when they go to court, bond amount, mugshots online and more.

Clark County Warrant Division

  • If you believe you have a warrant, you may:

For information and assistance, contact the jurisdiction you feel may have issued the warrant:
Las Vegas Municipal Court (702) 229-6201
No Las Vegas Municipal Court (702) 633-1130
No Las Vegas Justice Court (702) 455-7801
Henderson Justice Court (702) 455-7951
Clark County Justice Court (702) 671-3201

Make a call if you feel you have a warrant or if someone you know has a warrant for their arrest in Clark County Nevada. This makes it easy to see who’s wanted.

Las Vegas Warrant Lookup

  • Search for warrants in Las Vegas by name and or social security number. This warrant lookup by name allows you to access the Las Vegas warrant database in a matter of a few seconds to see who has a warrant for their arrest in Vegas.

Department of Public Safety NV Most Wanted

  • View the top ten most wanted by the Department of Public Safety in Nevada.

Using the resources above you will be able to search criminal court cases in Nevada, check for warrants, see who the most wanted fugitives are, see who got arrested in Vegas and more.