Find Records Fast:

Looking Up Criminal Records in Contra Costa County:
There are many reasons why you might want to look up someone’s criminal record. You might be looking for someone to hire for the care of your child while you are away at work. Perhaps you are in charge of hiring new employees at a transportation firm, and you need to check for a DUI. Maybe you just need to know the truth about what kind of events took place in a friend or acquaintance’s history. Perhaps you work in law enforcement, and you want to know what type of person you are dealing with. No matter what your reason is, the information is readily available to you online.

Do I have a warrant?
If you need to find out if someone has a warrant (or if you, yourself, have one), you may want to check out Contra Costa County’s extensive database of court cases. You can look up court records and police reports, or request a court docket at your leisure. The Superior Court of California has made all of this information a matter of public record, thus it is available for any curious member of the public to access at any time, via the internet.

Can I conduct a jail inmate search?
Sometimes you need to find out if someone has been arrested. Whether they have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, anyone who is currently being held in police custody will be listed on the database maintained by Contra Costa County’s law enforcement officials.

How can I find out if someone is a registered sex offender?
In accordance with Megan’s Law, all sex offenders are required to be a part of a registry, and that registry is publicly available information. In the interest of public safety, anyone is able to access this information and find out where sex offenders are located.

Contra Costa County’s Most Wanted:
In addition to the wide variety of other information and services being made available to the public, the sheriff’s office has provided lists of most wanted criminals. They maintain such lists both for Contra Costa County specifically, or for Northern California in general. On these websites, visitors have the ability to look at mugshots, as well as view the names, rewards, charges, and incident numbers of various wanted criminals in California.

Why is this information available?
The Contra Costa Country sheriff’s office makes this information available for the public benefit, and to keep citizens safe. If you are in need of information about the offenses and whereabouts of criminals in the area, you can make use of these tools to help protect your family and access reliable, up to date criminal record information directly from the relevant law enforcement agencies.