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You’re here because you want to check arrest records in Harris County Texas. You may want to see if someone you know has been arrested or just find out what someone went to jail for. When you check arrest records in Harris County you will be able to see a current list of inmates, people who were in jail but have been released, you’ll be able to see jail photo mugshots, see a person’s charges, bond amounts and more. Searching the Harris County jail booking logs will give you instant access to conduct an arrest record search online at home. You can also conduct a free background check on people too.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office¬†

Online Public Records – District and County Criminal Records. You can search for criminal arrest records by name and then view the person’s charges and details about the case.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office Jail Info

Information and resources about inmates. Links to find out who’s in jail and more.

Houston Police Jail Public Information Inquiry

Use this website to search for a family member or friend (adults 17 years or older) who may be in a City of Houston Jail. Prisoners are generally located at either Central or Southeast jails. The search result details will tell you more information. Search for arrests by name, date of birth and or arrest number.

Houston Police Jail Information FAQ’s

Information on how to find a person in jail, how to bond someone out, how to visit someone in jail and more.

Using the resources above you can find out if someone is in jail in Houston and other areas of Potter County Texas. You can view booking logs and search for arrests by name. These searches make it easy to find out if someone got locked up and if someone is in police custody. So if someone you know got arrested for a DUI you will be able to find out. Or maybe if someone got arrested for a felony you can find that out too. Search more Texas criminal records online to find more records in your area.