Find Records Fast:

In Lincoln County, Oregon, there are several resources you can use in order to look at a jail roster, find out if someone went to jail, find out who’s in jail, or search for mugshots online. These resources provide information critical to you as a loved one, victim, or concerned citizen about the status of inmates in the county jail system. They require different investments of effort and provide different amounts of and kinds of information. Some require only a phone line but most require internet access.

Online Jail Roster

You can begin your inmate search by heading here, which will show you a list of current inmates as part of a Lincoln County jail roster Oregon. You can see their SID number, the arresting agency, when someone was booked into jail, as well as their next court date. As well as seeing their booking date, you can also see their release date if one is available. This website can help you find out who’s in jail, peruse recent arrests in the county jail system.

You can also find out why someone is in police custody and view someone’s charges through the same website, as well as viewing their current disposition for each charge. The Lincoln County sheriff’s department prides an index of the codes used for each charge here. By using this index and doing some quick research, you can discover if someone has been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. These codes identify some of the most common offenses, such as DUI, burglary, armed robbery, and drug charges.

Other Online and Phone Resources

The Lincoln County sheriff’s department also provides a page with the aforementioned resources and more that you can find here. They provide a service called Victim Information and Notification Everyday that provides victims and concerned citizens with information about offenders, as well as the option to sign up for notifications about updates about inmates. You can call here for information or to sign up for notification: 1-877-674-8463. You can also call the jail directly at 541-265-4277. Keep in mind that the physical address for the jail is 251 West Olive Street, in Newport Oregon. Whether someone was arrested last night, arrested in the past 24 hours, or arrested last week, you should be able to find them using these resources. Most likely you can also find out the information most critical to you as a loved one, concerned citizen, or victim: when someone is getting out of jail, why they were detained, and the details of their arrest warrant.