Find Records Fast:

You can easily find out if someone has been arrested in Manatee County in a matter of minutes. You can check for mugshots, see what offense someone was charged with, what a person’s bail amount is and much more. You can find out when someone is getting out of jail and or what the bail amount is.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Search

Search for people who got busted and locked up in Manatee County. You can search for current inmates by first and last name, booking number, booking date and more. You will be able to see why the person is being detained, a booking photo of the arrested individual, charges and more. Find out if the person is being charged with a felony, sex offense, burglary etc.

Manatee County Public Records Search

View probable cause affidavits, public record reports and more from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. You can view police and arrest reports along with many other public record reports that are available by clicking the links and viewing. This is a public service that the Sheriff’s Office provides to help the public understand whats going on in their area. You can see who got put in jail, view police blotters, arrest reports, incident reports and more.

Manatee County Clerk Case Search

Conduct a court case search in Manatee County to see who got arrested and or charged with a crime. You can view various court records by the person’s name, case number, citation number, case and filing type, business name and more. By doing a court case lookup you can see if someone got arrested and what they were charged with and if they went to trial or settled the case. View felony court case records, misdemeanors, criminal traffic, civil and traffic infractions. Doing a court case search will help you find arrest reports and cases where people got arrested and booked in jail.

Viewing the resources above you will be able to easily find arrest records and reports in Manatee County Florida. You will be able to view photos of arrested individuals, crimes they may have committed, booking details, background checks and more. These resources make it easy to conduct a free inmate search in Manatee County to see who got incarcerated and when they may get released from jail or prison.