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You’re here because you want to search arrest records in Montgomery County. Don’t worry I will show you exactly how to find out if someone has been arrested or help you search recent mugshots of people who got arrested in the area. You will be able to search jail records and inmates who have been booked in the last 24 hours or arrested recently. You can find out the person’s charges, booking date, what area they got arrested at, bail amount, when inmate is going to court and more.

Montgomery County Current Inmate List

  • Search name, age, date confined, charges, arrest type, arrest location and more. View recently arrested individuals in the Montgomery County area. See why someone got arrested last night and when they will go to court.

Montgomery County Case Records Search

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office¬†

  • The Montgomery County Jail houses inmates for misdemeanor and felony crimes. Some inmates are awaiting trial while others have been convicted and are serving their sentences. Others have been convicted of felonies and are due to be transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to serve their time. Montgomery County has many different services and programs offered to inmates. Located in Conroe, Texas.

Using the resources above you will easily be able to see who’s in jail in Montgomery County and why they were arrested. You will be able to view jail booking photos, find out if a friend was arrested and view the entire inmate jail roster. You’ll be able to see who got a DUI, busted for drugs, burglary, theft and other crimes. By searching for arrest records you’ll be able to keep tabs on who’s been arrested and what for in your area. Such as it will make it easy to find out if your neighbor has a criminal record.