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You’re looking for arrest records in Palm Beach County, right? You may want to know if one of your friends got arrested or you may want to look at inmate mugshots online. Regardless of your reason, I will show you how to look up Palm Beach County arrest records for free online in a matter of a few minutes. You will be able to see booking photos and inmate mugshots, see why a person got arrested, when a person is expected to be released, booking number, most recent address of someone and more.

Palm Beach Inmates

  • See who’s in jail in Palm Beach County. Search the booking log to see if someone has been arrested. You can search by name, statute, arresting agency, date of arrest and more. Mugshots Online

  • View a list of mugshots from the Sheriff’s Office Booking Blotter. You can see who’s been arrested, the inmate mugshots, the person’s name and what they have been charged with.

Using the resources above you will be able to find out who’s in jail in Palm Beach County Florida. You can find a person’s charges, view the person’s booking photo, find out when someone in jail is expected to be released or when they are going to court, find the bond amount to get someone out of jail and more. These arrest record searches for Palm Beach will show you who got arrested in the last 24 hours and who is still currently in custody.