Find Records Fast:

How do you know if someone has committed a crime in Palm Beach, Florida? Is there a way you can look up the court case? Are court records readily available? Is there a way I can check for a DUI? These are questions Palm Beach residents may ask if they have an inquiry about a specific individual. It might be a neighbor. It may be a loved one. It could be a person they will be going on a first date with. You want to know what’s in the past of the person in question. You want to do a minor investigation on your own. How do you do a quick background check to see if the person hasn’t had a felony or misdemeanor?
As it turns out, the process is quite simple.

Residents of Palm Beach, Florida can access court cases, police reports and look at mugshots. They can find out if someone is a registered sex offender. They can do a jail inmate search. You can also check the court docket for your individual court case or for someone else.

Let’s face it. You probably want to find out if someone has been arrested. You might want to find out if someone has a warrant. Maybe the question for you is “do I have a warrant for my arrest?” You can look up court records. You can find the information you need through regular resources provided by Palm Beach County officials.

Court records in Palm Beach, Florida can be navigated here. You can view civil, criminal and traffic court records. Circuit and County criminal cases can also be searched here.

You can find an inmate in Palm Beach, Florida by using this portal. You can search by first or last name utilizing the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department website. Your loved one might not have showed up overnight. You could be checking in on a work colleague. You might want to know if someone involved in a crime against you is still an inmate. That is all readily available online.

Warrants issued are also public knowledge. They are listed on this website.
You may have your own individual warrant. You may be checking for a friend or someone who doesn’t have the internet. This valuable tool allows you to check all of Palm Beach for outstanding warrants.

You may be curious where sex offenders live in your current or prospective area. It’s important for you to be aware of this potential issue when moving to a new issue. You may have young children and want to be extra cautious.

You can visit the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s website for sex offender registry here.

These are important resources available throughout the Palm Beach area to find court records, police reports and mugshots.