Find Records Fast:

Pinellas County has several options available to search the criminal records in the area. These sites are available for everyone to browse. If you are curious about your own criminal record or that of a loved one, it is easy to search for information in the Pinellas County judicial system.

Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller
Pinellas County has a simple way to check for court cases in its judicial system. The Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller has a website with a wealth of information. From the site, you can find out if someone has a warrant or you can look up court records. There are separate sections for civil and family court cases. Criminal case information is also available to the public. If you want to check for a DUI, you can search using the traffic court case option. The calendar lists all the cases on the court docket for the day. It is easy to check if you have a warrant for yourself. So there is no need to ask the question, “Do I have a warrant?”

Pinellas County Justice Center
The Pinellas County Justice Center page is a gateway to locating data from several departments. The Criminal Case Disposition department processes and maintains all felony and misdemeanor cases in the county. The Juvenile Section handles all delinquency and dependency cases. If someone is looking for information on a traffic ticket, the Criminal Case Initiation Department can help you with that request. Parking tickets can be paid through this webpage.

Crime Stoppers of Pinellas County
Crime Stoppers is a community organization that helps bridge the gap between the community and police. The website gives details about several unsolved cases. The organization believes that the community plays an important role in solving a crime. Citizens can leave tips via an app, a phone number, or an online form. If the tip leads to an arrest, there may be a reward of up to $3000.

The Florida Crime Center
The Crime Center website gives the public the opportunity to help law enforcement with missing person cases and stolen property. If you have information about any of the cases, you can enter the details and see the status of the ongoing investigation. The site also has a section of suspects who are wanted by law enforcement in the state.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
If you need to find out if someone has been arrested, Pinellas County maintains a website for those who are in their custody. The jail inmate search allows visitors to look up an inmate by name, docket, or arresting agency. You can even browse the police reports if you have a case number for the inmate. At this time, there is no option to look at mugshots. If you need to find out if someone is a registered sex offender, Pinellas County has a list under the “Law Enforcement” tab. Anyone can look up their address and see if there are sex offenders in the neighborhood.

Pinellas County grants access to their criminal case records. If you need some information about a particular case or person, it is only a click away.