You’re wanting to search for Polk County criminal records. I will show you how. I will show you how you can find out if someone has been arrested in Polk County Florida, view mugshots online, see if someone is a felon or got charged with a DUI. I will show you how you can search for warrants in Polk County, see who the most wanted people are and much more.

Polk County Clerk of Courts and Comptroller Case Search

  • You can search court cases that involve a felony, misdemeanor, traffic and more. You can easily search criminal court cases in Polk County Florida online in a matter of minutes to check the status of a criminal court case.

Polk County Jail Inquiry

  • Find out who’s in jail in Polk County Florida. You can see a person’s booking photos, why they went to jail, when they are expected to go to court or be released from jail, view the person’s most recent address, bond amount and more. This is a quick inmate search by name you can conduct in order to find out who is currently in custody.

Polk County Warrant Check

  • This database contains possible active warrants that are held by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Search for active warrants by name, city, zip code, address and more. This easy warrant lookup for Polk County makes it easy to see who has a warrant for their arrest in Polk County. Someone could have a bench warrant, felony warrant, misdemeanor warrant or a warrant for failure to pay child support. You can also get a warrant if you fail to appear for court or pay your traffic tickets.

Polk County Most Wanted

  • See who the most wanted fugitives are in Polk County Florida. You can see why the person made the most wanted list and is on a most wanted poster. View the person’s photo, charges and how long they have been wanted by the police or Feds.

Using the resources above you will be able to see who is currently in police custody, find out who has an outstanding warrant for their arrest, check criminal court cases online and more. These resources will make it easy to find criminal records in Polk County.