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The information below will help anyone living in the San Francisco area find a variety of California criminal records. Many people want to find out if sex offenders are in their area or if a person they are interested in dating has a misdemeanor, felony or any other police reports. Do I have a warrant? Some people have warrants for court cases that they failed to show up for or unpaid tickets. Many people are unaware that they have warrants.

To obtain criminal records from the San Francisco Superior Court, you must have a case number. If you don’t have a case number, you must request a RAP sheet from the San Francisco Police Department to look up court records or to find out if someone has a warrant. The site can also be used to check for a DUI.

To find out if someone has been arrested in San Francisco, use the jail inmate search locator. To find a person in custody, you will need the SFNO, booking number, first name and last name. The site can be used to schedule visits, send a care package or add money to an inmate’s account. You can also find out jail locations and facility rules.

The Sheriff’s Office Inmate Locator allows you to find people arrested by the Sheriff’s Department. To find an inmate, you will need a first and last name. You can also narrow the search by gender. If you are unsure about the exact spelling of the name, you can do a phonetic search. Also, you can check if an inmate has been released or if they are still incarcerated.

To find out if someone is a registered sex offender in California, visit the California Megan’s law Database. The law was adopted after a child named Megan Kanka was raped and killed by a child molester that had moved near her family’s home without their knowledge. The website gives the name, address, physical description, offense and photograph of the offender.

To find criminal cases on the San Francisco Superior Court docket, you can search the case calendar by case type or date. The information is available up to 120 days from the date of the search.

The San Francisco Northern California Most Wanted website allows the community to help get dangerous criminals off the streets. You can look at mugshots online and click on them to submit anonymous tips.

The San Francisco Police Department’s Crime Bulletins website lists wanted criminals with pictures drawn by a sketch artist. You can click on the sketch to find out more information on the wanted person and contact the police if have any information.