Find Records Fast:

You’re here because you want to search Tarrant County arrest records online or in person. Don’t worry I will show you how to find out if someone has been arrested in Tarrant County. You can see who’s in jail when you search the daily booking reports for the Tarrant County jail. You will be able to view inmate mugshots, search┬ápolice logs and reports, view a person’s charges and why they got arrested, see when an inmate is expected to be released from jail and more when you search arrest records online.

Daily Booked In Reports

  • View the Sheriff’s office daily booking reports for the last 14 days. See who’s been arrested in the last 14 days by viewing the jail booking log. View the inmates name, booking number, when they got arrested and what they are being charged with. You can easily find out if someone is a felon by looking at their charges and seeing if they have been sentenced for those charges.

Tarrant County Inmate Search

  • Search for current inmates by name and or CID#. This is an easy way to search for people who are incarcerated and currently detained by the police in Tarrant County. Searching the arrest database will show you who’s in jail in Tarrant County, why the person is in police custody, who’s recently been arrested and what for, why a person is in jail and more.

Tarrant County Public Records Request

  • In an effort to provide prompt and efficient service, any request for information should include the following information (if known):

Date of request
Report number (if known)
Type of report / incident (i.e. theft, burglary, etc.)
Date of report (occurrence)
Address where incident occurred
Parties involved in accident
Describe any other information to assist Records Division staff in locating desired record

The staff of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Records Division may, on occasion, need to contact the requestor for some clarification on the submitted request for records or to inform the requestor on the status of his / her request for public records. As a result, it is important for the requestor to include their name, address and telephone number in the request for public information to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Records Division. Feel free to also search for more TX criminal records online.