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If you’re looking to find out if someone has been arrested, has criminal charges pressed against them or even if someone has a warrant for their arrest then you are at the right place. You can find Tarrant County criminal records online very easily. You can search criminal court databases online to find out if someone has a felony or a misdemeanor criminal charge against them.

Tarrant County Criminal Courts

  • The Criminal Section of the County Clerk’s office is responsible for record keeping of the ten County Criminal Courts where all Class A, B and C misdemeanors are filed.

The hours of operation are Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 5 pm. For more information on obtaining copies of documents filed with the County Criminal Courts, please call 817-884-1066.

Tarrant County Criminal Court Docket Search 

Tarrant County Criminal History Check 

  • Information regarding doing a criminal history check in Tarrant County Texas.

Tarrant County Inmate Search 

  • Search for recent arrests and currently booked inmates in the Tarrant County Jail.

Tarrant County Public Records 

  • In an effort to provide prompt and efficient service, any request for information should include the following information (if known):

Date of request
Report number (if known)
Type of report / incident (i.e. theft, burglary, etc.)
Date of report (occurrence)
Address where incident occurred
Parties involved in accident
Describe any other information to assist Records Division staff in locating desired record

Fort Worth Warrants 

  • There are two types of warrants that may be issued by the court:

Alias Warrants are issued for individuals who fail to appear to answer to C misdemeanor charges.
Capias Pro-Fine are issued when an individual has been assessed a fine but has failed to comply with the court’s orders.

Tarrant County Active Warrants

  • These are current active warrants with Justice Court 1 and are updated monthly.

Sex Offender Registration and Tracking

  • The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registration Unit tracks offenders living within the cities of River Oaks, Benbrook, Edgecliff Village and Haslet as well as the unincorporated area of Tarrant County. A GIS mapping link is provided for all offenders followed by the Sheriff’s Office. This search will help you find out if someone is a sex offender.

Using the resources above you will be able to search Tarrant County criminal records online for free very quickly. You can find out if someone is in jail, search criminal records, find criminals in your neighborhoodview mugshots of people who have been booked in jail, check the warrant database and more online Texas criminal records.