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You’re here because you want to find out if someone got arrested in Mobile AL. You can easily find out who’s in jail by checking booking logs at the Sheriff’s Department and other jails around the area. You can view the latest bookings, see who was released from jail, why a person went to jail and when someone is expected to be released. Once you’re searching the inmate database you will be able to see mugshots of those who are incarcerated, view their charges, arrest date, bond amount and where they got arrested at, plus much more.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office

  • See Who’s in jail and why.

24 Hour Booking

  • See who was booked at the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office in the last 24 hours. You will be able to see the persons name, charges and booking photo.

Metro Jail Information

  • The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the Mobile County Metro Jail. This facility houses an average of 1,500 inmates per day and is the detention facility not only for the county but for the city of Mobile as well.

Using the resources above you will be able to see who is currently in police custody and why they got arrested. You can see if someone got a felony, a DUI and what other criminal charges they may have against them. The arrest searches above make it easy to find out who’s in jail in Mobile Alabama. You can view the most recent arrests or view people who have been locked up for awhile. You could be searching for a friend who you think is in jail or you just want to browse mugshots. Regardless of your reason, the above resources will help you find out who’s locked up and who was released. If you want to dig a little deeper into someone’s criminal history then I recommend doing a criminal background check on them.