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So you’re here because you want to find out who’s in jail in Shelby County Tennessee. Don’t worry I will show you how to find out who recently got arrested, how to view the person’s charges, see their booking photo, when the person got arrested and when you can expect them to be released from police custody.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

This database contains the listings of persons who have been processed into the Shelby County Jail and lists the charge(s) for which they were originally detained. Individuals contained in this database have been arrested, but have not necessarily been found guilty in a court of law. Search for active inmates by name, booking number, date of arrest and more. You can view recent arrests and view people that are still in jail.

Inmate Database Search

Search for people that are locked up by name, state ID, permanent number and or booking number. Using this inmate search for find out who’s in jail is very easy and is a public service provided for free. So you can see who’s in jail in Memphis or other cities are Shelby County.

Shelby County Inmate Information

Get basic information about the inmate and jail process.

Using the above resources you can see who’s locked up in Shelby County, why the person is in jail or when they will possibly get out of jail. Use the resources to search for current inmates and people who have recently been released from jail, view their recent address or people who are expected to go to prison soon. You can view booking logs, photos of people in jail, view the date the person got arrested, bond amount of someone and much more.