Find Records Fast:

Do you need to look up mugshots online or recent arrests in Anoka County, Minnesota? Maybe you want to know if someone was arrested last night? It’s okay to want to find out if someone went to jail in the past 24 hours. Maybe they were actually arrested last night for a DUI? Were they intoxicated while driving? Did they not get past a DUI checkpoint? Did the police handcuff them and cart them off to jail? It’s definitely a possibility if they haven’t returned home.

Maybe it was an arrest stemming from drug charges? It could be something even more serious. They could currently be detained in a local jail because of an armed robbery or a burglary and if that’s the case then they will likely go to prison and then you’ll need to do a Federal inmate search. Was it a felony or a misdemeanor? How can you view someone’s charges?

You can actually find most of the information you want regarding who’s in jail by browsing several websites. You can find Anoka County information here. The jail roster includes a list of current inmates. You can see when someone was booked into jail and who is currently still in police custody. Perhaps you need to know when someone is getting out of jail. Maybe you are the person who needs to pick the offender up. You might be the person who needs to come up with money for bail. Maybe it’s your friend or loved one who is currently behind bars. Maybe it’s a neighbor or a co-worker who is in jail.

The Sheriff’s Office jail roster allows you to do an inmate search by name. You can also check to see if someone you know has an outstanding arrest warrant. Perhaps you are checking for yourself. Maybe you need to perform an inmate search on someone who was arrested last week. The information is all readily available for the general public to find online.

How can this help you? You can search for every piece of information from your couch or home office. You can utilize your home computer or mobile device to discreetly look up information regarding criminal reports in Anoka County. Maybe you have a loved one who hasn’t returned home after going out. You can perform an in custody search to see if they are currently incarcerated in Anoka County. Could they have been pulled over for drinking and driving? Did they get into an altercation? Did they have a major infraction? How would you know without making several phone calls to local law enforcement agencies? You can find most of the information quickly online. This data allows you to stay home and not drive to the county jail for answers.