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Jail Roster and Inmate Lookup for Blue Earth County Minnesota:

The Blue Earth County Minnesota Sheriff’s Office (based in Mankato) has made their database of inmates available for lookup. In the interest of community safety, any citizen with internet access can view mugshots online, browse a list of current inmates, and conduct an inmate search to find out if someone went to jail.

What information is available to the public?

When someone is arrested in Blue Earth County, their inmate status is entered into this convenient and fully searchable database immediately. Information made available to the public by the arresting agency includes the ability to see who’s in jail and to view someone’s charges and booking date. In addition to seeing who has been detained, any member of the public can also see recent arrests, find out if someone has an arrest warrant, or check when someone is getting out of jail.

Why is all of this information useful?

There are many situations in which this information may be of use to you. Maybe your friend never returned home after a party — you can check if they are in custody for a DUI. Anyone who has been in Blue Earth County police custody in the past 24 hours is included in the database, whether they were arrested last night for a misdemeanor, or arrested last week on a serious felony such as burglary, armed robbery, or drug charges. Perhaps you were the victim of a crime — the sheriff’s office database will provide you the peace of mind of knowing when someone was booked into jail.

In conclusion:

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to look up information on inmates and arrest records. Law enforcement officials may use this database on the job for reference, or as a means of sharing information between agencies. Everyday citizens may use the database to ascertain the whereabouts of a friend or loved one. Perhaps you know someone who is incarcerated, and you want to know when they will be released. All of this information has been made publicly available online in this neatly maintained database, courtesy of the Blue Earth County sheriff’s office.