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As an open records state, Colorado allows for any individual to search for and obtain arrest information that is recorded after law enforcement takes a fingerprint sample of an individual. The background check laws do not allow for access to sealed records and juvenile records.

Colorado Background Check Cost

You are charged a fee for every search that you perform on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website, even if your search returns no results. If the search results in multiple listings, you can select only one record. If you select more than one record, you are charged an additional fee for each record that is viewed.

Using Information from Colorado Background Checks

By using the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website located at you agree to use the information obtained for appropriate purposes only, and you affirm that the information will not be used for financial gain nor to solicit business from the individual.

How to Search for Records

Because there is a fee for each search and record viewed, you should ensure the accuracy of the name that you enter. You should not include suffixes, such as Jr, Sr and Esq, when performing the search. The date of birth is required, and you may also include a social security number. If you need to search by an individual’s maiden name or alias, additional fees will apply.

Information Included in the Criminal Records Results

Each result from your search in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation online database may includes criminal history information that is submitted by law enforcement in the state. Details in the report may include information from the police and FBI. The report may detail:

Public records typically do not contain information about social media accounts or marital status.

Background Checks for Employment and Other Circumstances

Information about how to obtain a background check for employment and other situations is provided at

Your employer may require a background check to see if you’ve been arrested and if you’ve been to jail.

The reports are available for:

  • Adoption
  • Assisted living residence
  • Attorneys and those applying for the bar exam
  • Bail bondsmen
  • Applicants to charter schools
  • Childcare providers
  • Restraining orders related to civil matters
  • Foster care
  • Education employees and contractors
  • Permits for explosives
  • Gaming equipment and racing
  • Home care
  • Licenses for insurance
  • Physicians, technologists and surgical assistants
  • Private investigators
  • Security guards
  • Youth mentoring and working with other vulnerable populations

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go

How far back a background check goes depends on the reason for pulling the criminal history record. In general, the record goes back seven years, but the rap sheet may include a longer period of time.

Searching for Colorado Court Cases

An online search for Colorado court records is available at

You can search by name or case number.

Inmate Search

To find out about a previous or current inmate in the Colorado corrections system, go to and search by inmate number, name and gender.

Sex Offender Registry

The state of Colorado maintains a sex offender registry that you can access at

The database does not include all individuals who are convicted of a sex-related crime. Excluded from the database are:

  • Sex offenders who are only convicted of misdemeanor sex offenses
  • Juveniles who are adjudicated for sex crimes

For a complete list of individuals who have been convicted of sex-related crimes, you can contact the local police department.

You can search for sex offenders by name or you can use the map feature. The results show: