Find Records Fast:

If you live in the state of Colorado and need to look up criminal records, there are a number of options available. All records including criminal court cases are public records and open to the public. The Colorado Judicial branch has made it easier for citizens to access records by offering searchable online databases. In some cases, not all records will be available.

The best way to search court records is by going online.

In most cases, each of the counties of your state will have a website where you can access marriage, felony and misdemeanor records and more. If you have a traffic violation, you may find out about that case through traffic court. What you will need to look up the court case:

  • Full name
  • Case number if any
  • Credit/debit card
  • Any other pertinent information that may help your search

Why do you need access to court records?

Access to court records depends on what type of records you’re looking for. You could have civil, family law or even traffic violations. The following information is available:
Civil –

  • If you have been evicted
  • Outstanding debt collections
  • Small claims court rulings
  • Personal injury cases
  • Malpractice claims

Family Law –

  • Divorce Decrees
  • Paternity suits
  • Child custody rulings
  • Visitation
  • Guardianship
  • Domestic violence cases

Traffic Violations

What are the ways you can find court records?

  • Online websites
  • Mailing in for information
  • in person at the local courthouse

Additional information

If you need to find court cases online, be sure to use reputable sites. Not all public record sites are what they’re cracked up to be. In fact, some are complete ripoffs and you may never get public access to court records. If you want to look up the results of a court case, there are some that are run by the state or the county. These will produce the information you need.

If you want to look up a court case, remember that not all sites are free. Fees vary on these sites, so it’s best to look around to see what each has to offer. Also, if you can get the same information on a free website, there is no need to pay a fee.

Remember, you can also lookup records at your local courthouse. Either you or a representative can do a records search. You can receive a copy of the court case in just a few minutes.

You can also request to have information to be sent through the mail. You will need to supply all of the pertinent information on the application, the appropriate fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Once the information is received by the correct party, you should get the court record within 2 weeks.

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