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You’re here because you want to search Cook County arrest records online. You may want to find out if someone you know got arrested last night in Chicago and you just have to have a look at the county jail to see if your friend is in jail or not. You may just want to kill some time and look at who’s in jail and view mugshots online of people who recently were booked into the Cook County jail. You can view the person’s charges, how long they have been in jail, bond amount, a projected release date and more.

Chicago Police Department Arrest Records Search

  • Search for arrests by name, CB number, charges, area, district, beat and more. You can see who’s currently incarcerated and being held in police custody in Chicago. Find out why someone is in jail, what they are being charged with and when they may get out of jail or go to trial.

Cook County Inmate Locator

  • Search for inmates by name and or booking number to see who’s currently in the Cook County jail. You will be able to view booking photos, criminal charges, why someone is locked up and more. You can see if people have been arrested for murder, theft, burglary, rape, drug charges etc. Find out who’s been arrested recently in your area by doing an online arrest record database search with the Cook County Sheriff’s office search tool online.

Cook County Clerk of Court Case Information Search

  • The Clerk of the Circuit Court now offers on-line access to cases in the Civil, Law, Chancery, Probate and Domestic Relations. The on-line access enables users to search for court case information in several ways. The Electronic Case Docket Search allows users to view the full electronic docket or record of case activity, which was previously only available in the courthouses on the Clerk’s Public Access Terminals. This search tool allows users to easily see if someone was charged with a crime and if they were convicted and arrested for it. Another easy way to view arrest records in the Cook County area.

Using the resources above you will be able to view a jail roster of current inmates, if a person was arrested, view court case information, see if someone has been convicted of a crime before and even view the Federal inmate locator to find out where someone went to prison.