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You’re here because you want to find out if someone has been arrested in Denton County Texas. You can search the arrest databases to find out why someone got arrested and when they were booked in jail. You can view a person’s arrest details such as when they were arrested, why someone got arrested, when they were booked, view their mugshot, when they will have court or be released from jail and more. You can easily search for inmates in Denton County.

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Search for inmates currently in custody or inmates that have been released. You can search for people in jail by name, date of birth, date booked and date of release. This search makes it very easy to see who’s in jail in Denton County and who’s been released from jail.

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Search all types of case records online very easily including jail records and jail bond records.

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District Court Case Records & Calendar
JP & County Court: Criminal Case Records
JP & County Court: Civil, Family & Probate Case Records
JP & County Court Calendar
Jail Records
Jail Bond Records

Using the resources above you can see who’s been charged with a crime in Denton County. See who has a felony charge and view records of people who have been arrested recently including within the last 24 hours. Find out why someone is in jail and when they may get released. You can see who’s in police custody and if they have been booked in jail. The resources above will allow you to see who’s been arrested and how you can get them out of jail if they have a bond. Find their current charges against them and view the entire inmate roster to see who’s incarcerated and who’s not.