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Jail Roster and Inmate Lookup in Flathead County Montana:

In the interest of keeping the community safe, the office of the Flathead Montana county sheriff has made a great deal of information available to the general public. This data is available to any citizen who has internet access in the form of a convenient, easily searchable inmate jail list. The entire Detention Center jail roster is available — it’s a complete record of who’s in jail, along with many other bits of helpful data.

What kind of information has law enforcement in Flathead county made available to the public?

When you look up an inmate, you will be presented with a wide variety of information about them. You can find out exactly when someone was booked into jail. No matter if someone was arrested last night or arrested last week, you can view someone’s charges. On their booking date, anyone who has been detained in police custody will be logged into this highly searchable and convenient database. All recent arrests made in the past 24 hours are regularly logged and maintained by the diligent law enforcement professionals of Flathead county.

Why is it important that the general public has access to the information contained in this database?

All of the information contained in the Flathead county database is publicly available. There are many good reasons for this. Victims of crimes can feel safe in their homes when they perform an inmate search and see the mugshots online of the people who harmed them. They can have peace of mind seeing a complete list of current inmates, including those serving time for DUI, drug charges, burglary, and armed robbery. Many of these criminals would be considered extremely dangerous on the street, and it is beneficial to the overall safety of a community to have ready access to the whereabouts and details of such people.

Are there any practical uses for this information to the average citizen?

Sometimes you need to find out if someone went to jail. Whether you are performing a background check before making a new hire or meeting a stranger from the internet, you may wish to know if someone has any misdemeanor or felony charges on their record. If you work in law enforcement, you may benefit from the administrative ease of access afforded by having all of this information readily available at your fingertips. Perhaps you want to check online and ensure that you do not have an arrest warrant, or you would like to know when someone is getting out of jail — you can find all of the above information and more with a simple search.