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Hennepin County Jail Roster MN:
If you live or work in Hennepin County Minnesota, and you want to find out if someone went to jail; you’re in luck. The Hennepin County sheriff’s office has built and continues to maintain, a fully searchable list of current inmates. It was deemed to be in the community’s best interest to make a great deal of information about the county’s inmates available to the general public.

What kind of information is available to be searched?
The jail roster provided by Hennepin County law enforcement officials includes a vast array of information on anyone who is in police custody within the jurisdiction. In addition to showing you who’s in jail, you will also be able to view the inmates’ mugshots online. With the jail roster photos, you can also view someone’s charges, including drug charges. Information relevant to an inmate’s incarceration and release, such as when someone was booked into jail or when someone is getting out of jail.

Why is it important to have this information available?
It benefits the safety of Hennepin County residents to know the status and whereabouts of dangerous criminals. These inmates are being detained on both misdemeanor and felony charges — some of which are very serious, including burglary and armed robbery. By knowing where these criminals are located, law-abiding members of the community can feel safe in their neighborhoods and homes. This database is meant to be capable of providing administrative utility to law enforcement officials, while simultaneously providing peace of mind to everyday citizens.

What are some practical uses for the available information?
Perhaps you had made plans to meet a friend for dinner, and they never showed up. If they were arrested for DUI in the past 24 hours, they will show up in a simple inmate search. The database can also aid law enforcement by allowing them to quickly access information that is up to date. Recent arrests, including those arrested last night, are included on the list immediately. The database is extensive and includes all inmates, whether they were arrested last week or last month. If you are concerned that you or someone you know may have an outstanding arrest warrant, you will also be able to find that information on the Hennepin County database.

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