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You’re here because you want to search for Kern County arrest records online. I will show you exactly how to find out if someone has been arrested in Kern County California in a matter of a few minutes. You will be able to view mugshots, check a person’s charges, find out if they are a felon and got charged with a felony, see what the person’s bond amount is, booking date and more.

Kern County Sheriff Arrest Records

  • The Arrest Records Unit is responsible for processing bookings for every person booked into the downtown Central Receiving Facility and our booking facilities located in Ridgecrest and Mojave. We confirm warrants and place holds with other counties and states; disseminate local criminal history information to authorized individuals; collect fees for civil bench warrants and small claims warrants.

Superior Court of California Kern County

Kern County In Custody Inmate Search

Using the resources above makes it very simple to search arrest databases and see who’s recently been arrested and housed at the jail. You can also view previous court cases to see what someone has been convicted of and charged with in the past.