Find Records Fast:

Have you ever been curious to see who has been arrested last night? Kitsap County has a jail roster that can help you find out who is in police custody. With a few clicks, you can stay informed about your neighborhood and see all the recent arrests in the area.

How do I find out if someone went to jail?

The Kitsap County jail is located in Port Orchard, Washington. The County uses a system called VINElink. This program allows website visitors to search the inmate records of those detained by the County. The VINElink also has a feature where you can register to get notified when an inmate’s record has been updated. This can be helpful when a victim needs to know when someone is getting out of jail. The general public can register for updates too. It helps residents stay informed about issues and arrests in their neighborhood.

How do I view someone’s charges?

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s page is a helpful tool. If you know the inmate’s name, you can find information about their arrest in a few clicks. You can see who has an arrest warrant for DUI, armed robbery, drug charges, or burglary in the County. The Sheriff’s Office has a list of current inmates on the site. If you are looking for someone arrested last week, you will find their name located on the page. Once you click on the inmate search, you will have a chance to see when someone was booked into jail. The site also has information on whether they have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor. Along with the arrest charges, you can see the police report and booking date of the inmate. The vital statistics of the inmate is also listed on the page. This may help to identify if the person is tied to another crime. Kitsap County does not have mugshots online for viewing to the general public. It is the decision of each police agency whether they want to release that information.

How will I know who was released last 24 hours?

Kitsap County keeps their jail roster updated on a daily basis. You can see all the arrests that were made in the last 72 hours. The site does not have real-time booking information though. So if someone was arrested the previous night, it might not show up right away. The recent arrest list on the site will let you know who’s in jail for the past 24 hours.

Kitsap County keeps their residents informed with an inmate search on their website. The information can help keep the community safe from criminal activity. If you’d like more information about someone you can run a background check on them or view more public record searches.