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Jail Roster and Inmate Lookup for Kootenai County Idaho:
The law enforcement and corrections personnel of Kootenai County, Idaho have been storing and maintaining an extensive list of current inmates. Using the latest in VINElink technology, Kootenai county officials have made daily arrest reports and a current inmate list (among many other things) available to the citizens they serve and protect. It was deemed to be in the public’s best interest to make this information available, and it has never been easier to use.

What kind of information can someone find when they perform a Kootenai county inmate search?
The system will provide a treasure trove of information on anyone who has been detained in police custody in the past 24 hours. Whether they were arrested last night for a misdemeanor or arrested last week for a felony — you can easily find out when someone was booked into jail, and view someone’s charges with the press of a button. Once you have taken the opportunity to find out if someone went to jail, you can view their mugshots online.

Why is it important for the general public to have access to the information provided by the Kootenai county database?
Citizens can benefit from this information by achieving a better peace of mind. People feel safer in their neighborhoods, and sleep better in their beds at night when they know that dangerous criminals are regularly being apprehended, brought to justice, and most importantly: taken off of the streets. Police can also make use of this information in their daily office work — it is made significantly less tedious by the database’s ease of access. Corrections employees can also feel much safer on the job when they know the exact whereabouts of each inmate. Many of the inmates are extremely dangerous and have been convicted of drug charges, burglary, and armed robbery — among many other serious offenses.

Does the average citizen of Kootenai county have any real-life use cases for this information? What are some of the more practical of those? There are a large number of perfectly valid reasons why a citizen would wish to make use of the information contained in Kootenai county’s database. Perhaps a friend or colleague never returned home from a party, or maybe a loved one never made it back after work. It’s possible that they have been pulled over and received a DUI, and you should know about it. If you have a friend who is currently incarcerated in the Kootenai county corrections system, you can use this system to find out when someone is getting out of jail. If you are concerned that you may have an arrest warrant, you can use this system to find out for sure. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to know who’s in jail, you will find the answers you need. All recent arrests are included in these records.