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You’re here because you are searching for arrest records in Lee County Florida. You may want to find out if a person is in jail, you could want to look at mugshots online or see what a person’s charges are that got arrested last night. Regardless of your reason, I will show you how to lookup Lee County arrest records in a matter of a few minutes.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Search

  • Search for current inmates or people who have recently been released from jail in the past 24 hours. You can search for people who have been booked into the Sheriff’s office by name, booking number, booking date, if they are still in custody and or date of birth of the person who’s been arrested.

Lee County Court Records Search

  • Record searches are limited to the first 500 results. For better search results, please refine your search criteria.
  • Documents and Online docket information is available for most cases and based on your access level.
  • Dates entered must be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Case searches for mental health, probate, guardianship, juvenile, and domestic relations cases will not return complete results if searching as the general public; information and publicly accessible images in these are limited to specific user groups.
  • Wildcard – The Wildcard feature will allow you to search for incomplete names and case numbers in the system. This tool is helpful for when you may not know the entire case number or may not know how to correctly spell the individual’s name. Place a * at the area of the Case Number, First Name or Last Name field in which you do not know the remaining information.

Searching court cases online for Lee County will help you determine if someone got arrested, if a person has been charged with a felony or even if someone got charged with a DUI. This court case lookup will help you gain access to public court records in a matter of minutes in which you can then see if someone was locked up during a certain time frame or if they got released.