Find Records Fast:

How do you access recent arrests and view mugshots online in Lubbock County, Texas? Did you know most of the information you need regarding who’s in jail is available through various websites? Do you want to perform an inmate search without having to call or drive to the local jail? The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department has a wealth of data available.

You can check the jail roster by using this website. This allows you to find out if someone went to jail. You can view their sex, race and public info sheet. You can look at the list of current inmates to see if the person you are interested in is being detained.

What are some other things you might need to know? Did someone you know get arrested last night or in the past 24 hours? Maybe a loved one, family friend or neighbor was arrested for a DUI. Maybe they were booked yesterday on drug charges. It could be quite possible that the person you want information about is in police custody for an armed robbery or burglary. Do you want to know the specific charges they are facing? Was it a felony? Perhaps it was only a misdemeanor? You can view someone’s charges using the portal above. Maybe they were arrested last week and you just want to check for accurate information. Perhaps it’s a co-worker who isn’t telling you the whole truth. Maybe it’s a son, daughter or spouse. You might have suspicions their arrest concerned more than a simple incident with the law. You can find out when someone was booked into jail. Maybe you want to know how many days they spent behind bars.

Maybe you just need to know when someone is getting out of jail. They could have been released today. They could have been released yesterday. The active jail roster will give you that specific information. You might also want to know if they were just booked today. The Sheriff’s Office has plenty of up to date info for you to browse.

There’s a chance you might need to know if there is a current arrest warrant for yourself or someone you know.

The good news is most of the information is readily available from the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department. You can access it from your smart phone or home computer. This allows you to search privately for the information from the safety of your own home. You don’t have to worry about showing up at a jail unless you absolutely have to. It also allows you to have peace of mind if someone you know or love didn’t show up overnight. Maybe they did spend the night in jail. This list could possibly give you some clarity on that.