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Lyon County MN Jail Roster:
Law enforcement officials within the Marshall Police Department (Minnesota) keeps an in custody list — a list of current inmates and recent arrests within their jurisdiction. As a matter of public safety, the Lyon County officials have decided to make this database available to the general public, and easily searchable. Anyone who wants to find out if someone went to jail can do so, and the only requirement is that they have access to the internet.

What kind of information is available to the public through the Lyon county inmate search?
The most frequently cited use of the Lyon county corrections database is to find out when someone was booked into jail. This can be found with ease when searching for a particular inmate. Users will also be given the opportunity to view someone’s chargesDUI, burglary, armed robbery, drug charges, and more are listed in this convenient system. You will also be able to view someone’s mugshots online, and this applies to anyone who has been detained for a felony or misdemeanor in Lyon County.

Why would someone need to access the information stored in this database?
This database serves numerous legitimate purposes. Its primary reason for existing is to aid in the large amount of tedious administrative work that law enforcement professionals must complete during each work day. They will feel more at ease on the job — safer with the knowledge that they have every incarcerate person’s whereabouts available at their fingertips. Everyday citizens can also benefit from the peace of mind afforded by the information available on this database. Peaceful, law-abiding members of the Lyon County community will have the ability to sleep better in their beds at night and feel safer — they will be able to instantly and conveniently find out exactly how many dangerous criminals have been apprehended and taken off the streets.

Does the Lyon County jail roster information have any everyday use cases for the average person? What are some of those?
Perhaps you know someone who has been locked up, and you wish to find out when someone is getting out of jail. It could be that your buddy has an arrest warrant. You can find out if they were arrested last night, arrested last week, or anytime. It’s a full list of who’s in jail, as well as anyone who has been in police custody in the past 24 hours. If you, unfortunately, have been the victim of a crime; you can make use of the Lyon County sheriff’s office database to ensure that the person who wronged you has been brought to justice.