Find Records Fast:

So you’re looking for Polk County arrest records huh? You may want to find out if someone got arrested and what they went to jail for. Don’t worry I will show you how to lookup arrest records in Polk County Florida for free. You will be able to search inmate records of currently booked inmates and people who have been released from jail. You will be able to view a person’s charges, the date they got arrested, booking photos and more.

Polk County Jail Inquiry

  • Search for arrest records by name, booking date and or AKA’s. You will not be able to see photos of people prior to 1994 but you can see current booking photos of people that are currently in police custody and individuals who have been released from the county jail. You can see the inmates charges, name of people that have been arrested and are currently being housed at the county jail. You will be able to see when they will go to court, bond amount and more. This search makes it very easy to see who’s in jail in Polk County.

Intake and Records Bureau

  • The Intake and Records Bureau consists of two sections; the Inmate Intake Section and Inmate Records Section:

The Inmate Intake Section consists of four booking squads working at the Central Booking facility 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

The Inmate Records Section consists of the Classifications Unit, and the Objective Classifications Unit.

Polk Correctional Institution 

  • See who’s in prison at the Polk County Correctional Institution. Search the current inmate list, see who’s been released from prison and or who escaped.

The above resources will allow you to search for arrest records in Polk County Florida. You can see when a person was arrested and booked in jail and why they went to jail. You will be able to see booking photos of people who were arrested, view the current status of inmates, see when a person is going to trial and when someone may get out of jail. The resources above will make it very easy to do an inmate search in Polk County Florida for free online and you can also search nationwide with the Federal Inmate lookup. You will be able to see if someone has a felony or if they went to jail for a DUI and more.