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There are many situations where you might want to find out if someone went to jail. Maybe a loved one didn’t come home last night, or a normally punctual employee didn’t show up for their shift today. If a friend is in police custody, you may need to know when someone was booked into jail, or when someone is getting out of jail — an inmate’s release date is included among the information that has been made available here. Perhaps you just want to satisfy your curiosity, skim through while killing some time, and see if there are any names or faces you recognize. Regardless of your reason for your search, you will find that today’s age of information has allowed the Sheriff’s Office to put all of the relevant data at your fingertips.

Where can I view the jail roster?
A large amount of data is publicly available through the St Louis County sheriff’s office’s inmate search. You can see who has been detained in the past 24 hours — in addition to those who were arrested last week, or arrested last night. If you know someone who has an arrest warrant, you can check to see if they have been arrested anytime you like. You will be able to make use of this database and its search function to view someone’s charges and even view their mugshots online. It is a complete list of current inmates and recent arrests.

What information will I find in the jail roster?
You can use this tool to easily see who’s in jail for a felony or a misdemeanor. All inmates are listed in this database, whether they’ve been arrested for burglary, DUI, armed robbery, drug charges, parole violation, or anything else. On their booking date, the arresting agency makes the information available in the interest of public awareness and safety. There are a wide variety of situations where this information could be useful: from assisting law enforcement agencies who wish to share information, to providing peace of mind to the friends of inmates who are now able to locate them, to allow the victims of crimes to feel safe with the knowledge that the perpetrator is in police custody.

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